Vanguard Global Trading, Inc.



Our Expertise

We specialize in sourcing quality aftermarket automotive body parts for wholesalers and retailers at competitive prices. Given the global marketplace is multifaceted, our goal is not only to procure products but to provide consulting and technical support for the sale of automotive parts by our customers. By connecting our customers with the best options and channels for their business, we partner with you to provide end-to-end support to bringing your products to your store and even online.

Our Experience

Since starting in 2008, we have imported a variety of products globally and accumulated a wealth of experience in moving products via ocean freight, freight trucks, and drop-shipping.

We've successfully introduced new products online ranging from automotive products, apparel, health products, and high-end collectibles reaching customers worldwide.

Moreover, we are well versed in providing end-to-end support for eCommerce operations including and not limited to importing, product display and pricing, inventory management, marketing and promotions, customer service, and international package fulfillment.

About Us

In this global economy, commerce is no longer a single distribution channel--it is now a multifaceted marketplace with many platforms and options. Utilizing the proper platform to display and market your products will be the key to successfully generating sales both online and off. Here is where we come in. 

We are experienced with procurement and selecting the proper channels for your products and laying out the entire operation from purchasing to customer service to international package fulfillment so you can improve turnaround times and reach customers worldwide.

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